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This year’s screenings were exceptional!

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Dear Iditarod Veterinary community,

We wanted to provide a special thank you to our friends at Dextronix for providing their VET-ECG Heart Monitors to ensure our dogs cardiovascular health. We found these devices to have very well-designed features that provided numerous benefits, including:

  • Very easy to use wireless system and ECG leads.
  • Bluetooth connectivity, compatible with Windows, Apple OS, Android or iPhones/iPads that enabled use of any phone/computer to read the data.
  • Small and portable, splash and shock proof transmitter that was ideal for our mobile environment.
  • Built in battery that may be used for up to 24 hours before recharge.
  • Dextronix’s new technology allowed us the ability to obtain a faster recording of the ECG’s.
  • Enabled sending the ECG’s to our cardiologist for same day review and for quicker assessments if there might have been a problem.
  • Allowed us the get longer readings, which overall tells the cardiologist a little more information about the patient’s heart.

In summary, due to all the above, this year’s screenings were exceptional!  Please find a picture of the device attached and more information on
Dextronix linked here: https://dextronix.com/  Also, please feel free to contact Jennifer Aldridge copied above.


Rob Urbach

CEO at The Iditarod

Phone: 907-352-2204

Mobile: 907-717-5510