Technical Support and General FAQ

Customers using our heart monitors and software may want to share their screen with us to show a problem.

Please use this link to download and access our Quick Support Module hosted by Teamviewer. You may need admin rights on your computer to install. Upon installation, please select “help me” to create a ticket in our service queue and a technician will contact you shortly. In urgent cases, please also call 866-744-3427.


Please enter 0000


The software originally creates a license key for the database during first time installation. This key includes info from the computer IP address. The error can occur when the usually static IP address of the computer is changing: the software compares the saved key with IP address on start and then causes this error. The fix creates a permanent license key that does not compare with the IP address.

Please use the following approach to fix the “no more valid license” on your computers.

> In VET-ECG software open the settings/licenses tab
> delete the current database license
> Add a new database license and copy/paste this permanent key: 2ZGB5-EDMTB-91CS7-RXH0E-95IIY and save

Battery is empty. Please charge for 1-2 min on power outlet to be ready for a few ECGs, then charge to full

Bluetooth error from your tablet or computer. Bluetooth had not finished sending, saving the previous recording before it could start a new ECG recording. Fix: Please wait 3 sec before starting a new ECG recording after finishing the previous one.

Battery is empty. Please charge for 1-2 min on power outlet to be ready for a few ECGs, then charge to full

The problem is caused by the front paws of the pet that make contact to each other redirecting the the ECG vectors. Separate the paws from each other, a rolled up towel or pillow between the paws will fix this problem.

Charge only using the provided USB cable and power adapter provided. VET-ECG will not charge correctly if only connected to an unpowered computer USB port. Please only use the provided power adapter that has the correct Voltage/Amperage.  It will take 1-2min to charge for a few short ECGs. The green LED light comes on with 80% charge, a 100% charge will take up to 2.5hrs.

If the ECG recording shows short bursts of artifacts but looks otherwise high- quality then please check if the lead cable is worn out and wobbling the cable causes the artifacts to appear.  Is the transmitter/recorder unit moving around (e.g. dangling from the animal or being twisted while recording causing stress on the connector? (We have sticky pads to temporarily attach the recorder to the e.g. horse to address this problem with large animals)

Bluetooth on your computer is not turned on when the recording started. On Laptops, please go to device manager and select your Bluetooth radio (e.g Intel..) and right click select properties > Power management > disable “Let Microsoft turn off Bluetooth to save power”.

If you use an external Bluetooth adapter or the problem occurs on a desktop computer more than once, please contact us for assistance.

In Settings > Print settings>  change to print entire recording

If your colleague has no access to our software, please print and email as pdf. If your colleague has the VMX00 software (free download) please select recording(s) in database and export as .BE file (SCP is for 10sec in telemedince only) and email. Your colleague can select import .BE file to get a copy from you.

Alternatively, get a server account from us to sync recordings with the web server and automatically share with colleagues or back up your database on other computers.

The problem is caused by the location of the database. Here is a quick fix to allow you recording ECGs but please contact us to ensure that your database is in order.

Create a new folder for the database, somewhere outside the current database folder on the hard drive ., e.g…\VMX00 Database)
Start VMX00  or VET-ECG new
In VET-ECG or VMX00 open settings and select Database tab. Make/select the newly created database folder as the folder for the database and confirm. Close software again.
Start VMX00/ VET-ECG again. A new database license is being created and software will function without problems.

Windows 7 is due to reach End Of Life (EOL) on 14 January 2020, but a large number of the world’s computers, most in corporate environments, are still running the nine-year-old system. Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7 in January 2015, with extended support running till 14 January 2020.

Due to increased height of security risks, Dextronix will no longer install their software on client computers with Windows 7 but requiring upgrades to Windows 10 instead due to safety concerns. Dextronix may also refuse to provide online tech support for customers using Windows 7 on a case by case level due to the longer patched Windows 7 operating system. The Teamviewer software used by us to provide tech support analyzes and warns our team prior establishing a connection if a customer computer is deemed unsafe to connect. In those cases, we can only provide over the phone assistance but not log on.

We highly recommend to keep your local VMX00 patient database stored in the original drive and path. Please ask us to create a web account for our own server for you to sync and backup the data. This will ensure that commercial products such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, iCloud, etc.. will not corrupt your database during sync when the system is in use as it happened before with some clients.

FAQ CardioExplorer, DexSmart, VET-Scout

DexSmart/VET-ScoutPlus can only be programmed when not recording an ECG. Error 86 will appear if the user attempts to make changes in the CONFIG while recording. Please stop the recording, then make the changes and start recording again.

Please make sure that the SRM USB Bluetooth antenna adapter is inserted in one of the computer USB ports that has CardioExplorer installed. The adapter holds the license key and will not work if connected to an external monitor or other device. If the problem persists, please check if the adapter is properly inserted or try another USB port on the same computer.

If the CardioExplorer icon dissapeared from your desktop, open file explorer and navigate to the CardioScoutTT folder and select the Scout application. Right-click to create a shortcut of the scout application and save to desktop or copy and paste the shortcut to the desktop.

The systems needs 5-10 sec to calibrate to ensure the ECG is displayed showing the optimal amplitude and speed on the screen.  If the ECG remains flat or suddenly got flat after being displayed in the correct manner please check if one or more skin electrodes became disconnected from the patient. Please also ensure to use only fresh (not dried out) adhesive electrodes from AMBU with off-center configuration or add electrogel to increase conductivity.

Somebody deleted it. Please download the Teamviewer quick support module again from the top of our website or copy the link below into a browser window:

If prompted, select personal use.
Press the Help me button to create a ticket for our tech support team

” Windows Error 5 opening SRM USB dongle port COM.. You will not be able to communicate with a recorders!” is a mechanical problem; somebody touched and dislodged the USB antenna stick. Please remove, count to three and re-insert the USB stick into the same USB port and restart CardioExplorer. If persistent please contact tech support.

If your CardioExplorer telemetry works otherwise fine but the system disconnects after a while (several hours) despite  the transmitters are programmed to run for longer hours, check in  device manager >  Silicon Labs antenna > properties > power management:  uncheck/ disable> “allow windows to turn off device” and save

Replace with charged battery and verify to only use the correct Soshine AAA Lithium Ion battery. Contact Dextronix if no success

Press START or check CONFIG with BT online time set to “0”. See page 23 in Quickstart manual. Double check settings in the “config” window.

ECG stopped or is still running. Replace empty with fresh battery while keeping transmitter on patient. Wait for transmitter to automatically reconnect and continue recording > 1-2min

Transmitter out of range or if patient location unchanged: electrodes on patient dislodged. In CONFIG verify BT online time is “0” permanent on and recording time is 24 hrs or 1 day. To change, STOP recording, in CONFIG set to “0” press SEND

Press START to begin Recording. Ensure transmitter is attached to patient. Or Close online window (red X) and click again on transmitter number to launch

Close the display window and open it back up to reset off-center baseline

Decrease the ECG amplitude, page 11. Left-Click, hold and drag the selected channel up or down. Or press OFFSET at beginning of new session

Ensure electrodes are placed in correct spot or relocate, electrodes forming triangle and not overlapping. See page 7.Or use fresh electrodes are needed or electrogel can be applied. Ensure adhesive is sticky enough to hold electrode OR Make sure the SOFT Gain in CONFIG set to “Auto”, page 23 in manual.

Transmitter is out of range or turned off/battery empty

STOP the recording, make your changes in the config window, and press SEND. Error 086: changes not accepted.. you were too slow to make changes or battery empty.

Press STOP and open CONFIG quickly select “Bluetooth” and press SEND to save. Change to Manual from Autostart. Reverse if desired: Select Start “after time”, press SEND.

Will only work when the transmitter is ON and connected to the software

General Software Error in Transmitter. Please contact Dextronix

Transmitter programmed for Holter, in CONFIG (Page23) unselect download protection and press SEND to confirm.

Adjust the amplitude by the +/- button or add the provided extension cable to the bottom electrode (details in full manual). See page 11. Or change incoming signal magnification in CONFIG, SOFT GAIN is set to “Auto”

Ensure to have proper skin preparation, shaved to skin. Cleaned with rubbing alcohol to degrease. Ensure no skin lotion is used which will insulate/minimize ECG stream (for human testers!) Use new adhesive electrodes and select AMBU electrodes by animal species being monitored. E.g. for horses use VL and VLC. Attach electrodes one hour before exercise on treadmill to ensure adhesive and electrogel has time to sink into skin. Apply veterinary use Superglue on rims to enhance adhesion if nothing else works (Equine only).

Cats, very small dogs: If transmitter “slides” from original placement postition when using BlueSensor-N (originally designed for prenatal baby applications) switch to BlueSensor-R types. AMBU BlueSensor-N intentionally has very low adherence to not harm very sensitive and thin skin.

Contact Dextronix if all available electrodes are not sticky in brand new opened AMBU package. Possible manufacturing problem.

Make sure the batteries are charged. Or close the software and open again. Or Re-scan for the transmitters in  REFERENCES/HARDWARE. See page 21 in manual. Contact Dextronix

Buy new ones. In emergency apply electro gel and use bandaids to hold on patient. Store open AMBU bags in airtight Ziplock container to prevent drying out.

Verify or insert SRM USB- Antenna stick in to computer USB port. Antenna LED will led GREEN in CardioExplorer when connected.

General FAQ

FAQ Dextronix

Dextronix, Inc. is a for-profit corporation designing and developing medical devices and equipment together with partner companies in Germany and France. Our products can be purchased directly from us through our website or by contacting our team at As part of our community outreach we support animal sanctuaries and good causes worldwide by donating equipment and money. All of our products are for veterinary use only and not for human or clinical use. Most of our products are stock items and ship within days or same day in case of emergencies except for items that are on back order or discontinued. We partner with UPS for shipping and delivering and include transportation insurance on outbound and authorized product returns. We also complete  customs import documentation, pay duty and brokerage on all international orders not shipping from within the destination country. Our general terms of sale can be downloaded here.

Our main address (legal and mail only):

Dextronix, Inc.
9900 SW Greenburg Road, suite 100
Portland, OR 97223

Address above will not accept deliveries. Please contact us for proper return address, we will provide a return shipment label or call tag (domestic customers only)

We are a group of biomedical, electronics and other engineers developing interesting products for use in animal health operating under the umbrella of Dextronix, Inc. a C-corporation based in California, USA. We partner with leading human medical device manufacturers to make our products. All products meet and exceed the highest standards inn human medicine.

We partner with leading human medical device manufacturers to make our products. All products meet and exceed the highest standards in human medicine.
Biotronik in Germany makes our implantable pacing leads, pacemakers and implant programmers.
BS-MTI in France makes all implantable stents, catheters, extractors and accessories.
SR-Med in Germany makes all wireless ECG and heart monitoring systems.

Our products are available worldwide. While we sell direct to most countries, our products may not be available in regions where we our distributors have exclusive rights.

Please check the provided information on your sales receipt and or during check out on the web page. We accept returns within reasonable time and if the items are in their original condition, return shipment and restocking fees apply.

All of our products are for veterinary use only, not for human use.
Federal law restricts our products to sale by or on the order of a veterinarian.
FDA regulations also require us to track and preserve a complete record for each product shipped to a customer.

1. PLACING ORDERS: All orders or inquiries should be addressed to Dextronix Inc. – Customer Service through any of the following methods:
a. Email:
b. Phone: (866) 744-3427
c. website :
c. Please order using Dextronix product identification number and description.
d. Product packaged in multi-unit packages must be ordered as such.
All prices are in U.S. Dollars. All prices are subject to change without notice. Quotations are not valid after 30 days.
a. Dextronix reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions without notice.
b. All customer orders are subject to Dextronix Inc. acceptance.
c. Orders are accepted under Dextronix’s terms and conditions unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
d. Net 30 days with pre-approved credit for list price products, special and discount offers must be prepaid.
e. All international orders must be prepaid.
f. Invoices not paid when due shall bear interest at the rate of two percent (2.0%) per month, or the maximum rate allowed by law, whichever is less. In the event
collection proceedings are necessary, the customer agrees to pay reasonable attorney fees and costs incurred by Dextronix Inc. in collecting past due accounts.
g. Dextronix Inc. accepts the following credit cards for payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Horizon. We also accept Checks and Wire
transfers (fee for incoming wire transfer may apply).
h. All sales are final.
4. LIMITATION OF SALES: U.S. Federal Law restricts implantable devices to sale by or on the order of a veterinarian. Dextronix Inc. reserves the right to
limit sales of its products to the end user. End user means the veterinary hospital, clinic, veterinarian or its employer using the Dextronix products. By accepting
the Dextronix General Sales Terms & Conditions at time of ordering, the customer confirms to be the end user. Our products are not for resale.
5. PRODUCT CHANGES: Dextronix Inc. reserves the right to change or alter the specifications of any of its products without notice.
6. PRODUCT SAMPLES AND NON-FUNCTIONAL DEMONSTRATORS: Sterile and non-sterile demonstration samples of products may be available on
request. No warranty is given on any demonstration samples or products given away free of charge.
7. LEAD TIMES: All website or catalog listed items will follow standard Dextronix lead times. Lead times are approximate and are based upon prompt receipt
of all necessary information and Dextronix’s ability to obtain the necessary raw materials. Orders required sooner than standard lead times are subject to
expedite fees. Expedite fees may vary by product category.
8. SHIPPING AND HANDLING/RISK OF LOSS: Product prices do not include shipping and handling. Dextronix will use its discretion in selecting a reputable
carrier and appropriate means of shipment. All orders are subject to shipping and handling charges. These charges will vary depending on the size of the
shipment. Risk of loss or damage to products in transit will be upon Buyer. In the event of product damage or loss during transit, it is the Buyer’s responsibility
to file a claim with the carrier. Dextronix may include transportation insurance at our own discretion.
9. DELIVERY: Shipping dates are approximate and are based upon prompt receipt of all necessary information and Dextronix’s ability to obtain the necessary
raw material. The goods will be prepared for shipment in a manner prescribed by Dextronix Inc. We will not be liable for delays in performance or nonperformance which are due to causes beyond our control, including but not limited to: (a) acts of God, Buyer’s acts, fires, floods, priorities, epidemics, war,
government action or sabotage; (b) inability to obtain necessary labor, materials, components or manufacturing facilities; (c) changes in specifications, directions
or design requested by Buyer or agreed to by Buyer; or (d) Buyer’s delay in approving documents. In the event of any such delay, the date of delivery will be
extended by the same amount of time lost by the delay.
10. ORDER DISCREPANCIES: Dextronix Inc. must be notified of any claims for shortages or incorrect products within 5 days of receipt of the products or they
shall be deemed accepted by you. For product damaged in transit please refer to clause 8 — Shipping and Handling/Risk of Loss.
11. NO MODIFICATION TO PRODUCTS: Any modification, change or alterations of the product will void the warranties given by Dextronix.
12. CANCELLATION OR DEFERRED DELIVERY: Many Dextronix products are made dock-to-stock. Therefore Buyer may cancel an order only upon
Dextronix’s written approval and upon payment of reasonable charges specified by Dextronix, which will normally include charges for the following: (a) work
completed, at full unit price; (b) work in progress, at cost of completed operations plus overhead and percentage of profit attributable thereto; (c) raw materials
and purchased parts at a cost to Dextronix plus our handling charge; (d) unamortized tooling on the basis of balance due to Dextronix; and (e) any other
expenses or charges including engineering and overhead charges incurred by Dextronix in connection with the performance of the contract up to date of
cancellation. Buyer’s request for deferral of delivery may, at our option, be treated the same as cancellation of the order, and in such event, the foregoing
cancellation charges will apply.

13. RETURN GOODS POLICY: ALL SALES ARE FINAL. All goods returned must first be authorized by Dextronix, Inc. RGA number must be requested within
30 days of shipment. All returned goods must be in original packaging and intact conditions. All returned goods are subject to a restocking fee. No exceptions.
Items returned to Dextronix will only be exchanged for product. All freight charges must be prepaid by the Customer.
14. ADDITIONAL COSTS FOR SPECIAL PRODUCTS: Buyer will reimburse Dextronix, at our standard rates, for any additional costs attributable to changes
in the specifications, directions or configuration of the products furnished hereunder which were requested or approved by Buyer.
15. FORCE MAJEURE: Dextronix Inc. should not be required to perform its obligations under this agreement, nor will Dextronix Inc. be liable for delays in
performance or non-performance which are due to causes beyond our control, including but not limited to: acts of God, Buyer’s acts, fires, floods, priorities,
epidemics, war, government action or sabotage.
16. GENERAL AGREEMENT: The above terms and conditions will apply to all transactions between Dextronix Inc. and the Buyer. Buyer acknowledges that
by placing any order with Dextronix Inc. that the transaction will be subject to and governed by these conditions and by the laws of the State of California, USA.
Variations from these conditions are only valid if expressly agreed to in writing by Dextronix Inc. Buyer agrees that any terms and conditions set out in Buyer’s
order form or otherwise shall be inapplicable to any order placed with Dextronix Inc. to the extent they conflict with the above terms.
17. LIMITED WARRANTY AND DISCLAIMER FOR DEXTRONIX IMPLANTABLE PRODUCTS ONLY: Subject to the conditions and limitations set forth below,
Dextronix Inc. warrants that its permanent and temporally implantable products will be free from defects in material or workmanship while in place in the pet/
companion animal in whom it is originally implanted. Dextronix Inc. will furnish, without charge, a replacement for any product that it determines to have failed
to function within normal tolerances because of a defect in materials or workmanship. The responsibility of Dextronix Inc. under this Limited Warranty is
specifically conditioned upon each of the following conditions being met:
a. The product must have been implanted prior to the “USE BEFORE” date marked on the package.
b. The product was new and unused and has not been implanted before and has not been re-sterilized.
c. The product was purchased from Dextronix Inc. or through a Dextronix Inc. authorized distributor.
d. The product has not been damaged or altered by improper handling, use or placement.
e. The explanted product must be returned to Dextronix Inc. within thirty (30) days after removal from the patient and must be accompanied by data documenting
the failure of the product. In the event that the removal of the implant is impractical, Dextronix Inc. will accept alternative objective evidence of failure such as
e.g. x-ray imagery.
f. The replacement product must be a product supplied by Dextronix Inc.
g. All claims must be submitted in writing with required data to Dextronix Inc., Attention: Customer Service.
Dextronix Inc. Hereby warrants that if any Dextronix Inc. product fails to perform within normal tolerances due to a defect in materials or workmanship, Dextronix
Inc. will provide, at no charge, a replacement of Dextronix Inc. product. This limited warranty applies only if each of the following conditions are met:
a. The product was designed or manufactured or distributed by Dextronix Inc.
b. The product has not been mishandled, reprocessed, or altered in any way.
c. The product was used before the “USE BEFORE” date marked on the packaging of the product.
d. The failed product must be returned to Dextronix Inc. and becomes the property of Dextronix Inc.
No representation or warranty is made that a Dextronix Inc. product will not fail. Dextronix Inc. disclaims responsibility for any veterinary medical complication,
including death of the pet animal, resulting from the use of its products. Except as expressly provided by this limited warranty, Dextronix Inc. is not responsible
for any direct, incidental, or consequential damages based on any defect, failure, or malfunction of its products whether the claim is based on warranty, contract,
tort, or otherwise. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation or consequential damages and so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.
Except as expressly provided by the limited warranty, Dextronix Inc. makes no warranty, express or implied, including but not limited to, any implied warranty
or fitness for a particular purpose.
to any representation or warranty in connection with the use of its products. Dextronix Inc. will not be responsible for veterinary medical expenses, any direct,
consequential or incidental damages arising out of the purchase, use, removal or replacement of a Dextronix Inc. product.
20. PRODUCT ANALYSIS, REMEDIAL ACTION: Dextronix is not obliged but may decide on its own discretion to analyze any product returned from the field
or found otherwise which is potentially non-conforming with the original product specification or is malfunctioning or defective. It also will be Dextronix’s exclusive
right to issue and communicate remedial actions on the product whenever required by applicable law.
21. Storage and Handling: Our implantable products are supplied sterile and non-pyrogenic. They must be stored in a room with controlled climate or in a cool,
dark and dry place. Do not use product when its sterile packaging is damaged. Do not expose to organic solvents or fumes.
22. GENERAL WARNING: All of Dextronix Inc. products are –for veterinary use only- in companion animals (pets). They are not intended for human
use and Dextronix Inc. refuses any responsibility for misuse or misbranding of its implantable and non-implantable products. All of Dextronix

implantable products are for single use only and Dextronix refuses any responsibility for the consequences of re-use and/ or re-sterilization of its
implantable products.
In addition, Dextronix Inc.’s implantable products are implanted in an extremely hostile environment of the pet/ companion animal body.
The implanted products may fail to function for a variety of causes not limited to medical complications, body rejection phenomenon, allergic reaction, fibrotic
tissue, mechanical fatigue and wear out due to mechanical induced stress during usage. Implantable pacing leads and stents may fail by breakage, breach of
manufacture, and testing prior to sale. Implantable products may be damaged before, during, or after insertion by improper handling, placement, other intervening
acts and/ or wear and tear during use. Consequently, no representation is made that insertion by improper handling or cessation of function of the product will
not occur or that the body will not react adversely to the implantation of implantable products or that medical complications (including perforation of the heart or
fracture of leads or stents will not follow the implantation) or that the product will, in all cases, restore adequate bodily functions.
23. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES: To its knowledge Dextronix does not infringe any patent or copyright or misappropriate any trade secret or other proprietary
right of any other person, firm, corporation or other entity with regard to its products for veterinary application.
24. GOVERNING LAW: This contract will be governed by the laws of California, USA.
Any order placed or contract made with Dextronix Inc. shall be governed by the laws of the state of California, USA.
All trademarks are property of Dextronix Inc.

Please download IRS form W-9 here: