Our Commitment to Stand Against Racism

Dear Dextronix community,

We are upset and deeply saddened by the recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, among others, who were clearly victims of racism. We stand against racism and hate, and we want to make our voices heard.

Dextronix is committed to using our resources to strengthen society’s march toward full racial equality. We are sharing that commitment with you, in the hope that by doing so we might inspire others to do the same. We acknowledge that systemic racism exists and that we must all work in unity to destroy it. We are openly discussing with our team and our community how systemic racism harms all of society. We promise to continue to work to create an environment in which our employees, customers and stakeholders will be safe and secure in the pursuit of their individual dreams, free from the age-old cancer of bigotry.

We will continue to promote inclusiveness and diversity in our business. To those in our community who have experienced the terrible pain and injury of racism, we stand in solidarity with you. Your voices matter—not just to us, but to everyone. We dream of the day when our society will be free of racism, and we invite you to join people of good will everywhere who seek to hasten the dawn of a new and better time in our country.

With deep affection and sincerity,

Your Dextronix team