PetPacer-R Dim.: 51 x 39 x 6 mm
Weight: 24 g
Battery: 10 years
PetPacer-DR Dim.: 51 x 42 x 6 mm
Weight: 26 g
Battery: 7 years

(nominal values)

Please see the product data sheets for all programmable features and settings of our devices below:

Implantable Pulse Generators

The single chamber PetPacer-SR and the dual chamber PetPacer-DR are fully automatic rate responsive pacemaker systems exclusively made for Dextronix.

Key features include:

Active Capture Control (ACC): PetPacer-R and DR measure the effect of ventricular pacing and adapt the pacing amplitude to meet your pet patients’ needs. ACC provides a back-up pulse with increased energy during non-capture pacing including a programmable safety margin which extends the operating time.

Wideband IEGM Recordings: Automatic wideband recording of intracardiac events provides the veterinaruan with important information regarding the pet patients’ cardiac status with up to fifteen recordings of ten seconds each. Recordings include clinically relevant trigger criteria with intelligent memory management and storage of the event data before and after the trigger.

Auto Initialization: PetPacer-R and DR detect the connected leads and automatically initiate preventive safety features such as PMT management, mode switching, threshold monitoring and statistical data capturing.