VVIR PetPacer

Implantable Pulse Generator

Pacemakers for dogs with built-in quality and reliability

The Dextronix PetPacer pacemaker systems including the pacing electrodes and external programmers are made for us by leading medical device manufacturers in the USA and Germany.

Dextronix implantable products are brand new and contain state of the art technology using the latest and most modern components and software available in the medical device and electronics industries. All devices are fabricated applying the standards for Good Manufacturing Practice and are thoroughly tested before being sold. Our products have a limited warranty and will be sold to qualified veterinary professionals only.

Dextronix implantable cardiac pacemakers are designed for the treatment of symptomatic bradycardias in small animals, primarily dogs. The predominant bradyarrhythmias that necessitate pacing are third degree atrioventricular block (AVB), second-degree atrioventricular block, sick-sinus syndrome (SSS) and persistent atrial standstill. Please note that the implantation procedure should only be performed by a trained veterinary cardiologist.