Important Message to VET-ECG users re: Windows 11 & Apple Monterey OS

To our valued customers of our VET-ECG System:  Regarding Bug Fixes using Apple/ MAC Monterey Operating System and possible errors with Windows 11 O/S

Current Recommended Solution:

DO NOT install Apple Monterey OS or Windows 11 release – yet.

First and foremost, we want to thank you very much for being a loyal fan and user of the Dextronix VET-ECG system. Both Apple Computers and Microsoft continually strive to make their operating systems more and more secure against vicious intruders, but this also can affect how external devices like the VET-ECG transmitter and software interact with your computer. Because neither Apple Computers or Microsoft communicate their changes publicly in advance, companies like Dextronix  can only make adaption after the Apple or Microsoft products hit the market (not before), which is very unfortunate for our customers and us, but beyond our control.

Whilst we frequently provide software updates to enable new product features and bug fixes (if necessary),  Apple Computers, Inc. has surprised us this time with their latest MAC O/S Monterey release. Customers updating from older operating systems to Monterey have been experiencing a variety of errors occurring – ranging from the VET-ECG software not starting, to Bluetooth connection issues.

We highly recommend NOT to install MAC O/S Monterey until we have provided you with a new VET-ECG software update to ensure your VET-ECG works fine with the latest Apple release.  We are working on this compliance and will contact you again with the necessary updates.

Microsoft Corp. also recently released Windows 11 and we are still testing the VET-ECG towards compliance with Windows 11. While we have not encountered any compatibility problems yet with our software builds  2.7.1  and  2.9.0,  we cannot fully exclude it. Please either, refrain from updating to Windows 11 for the time being or contact us immediately with a description of the problem encountered.

As a technology leader in the medical device industry, Dextronix takes great consideration in updating our software and transmitter platforms to fully integrate with the latest operating systems used by our customers. Dextronix works very hard to continuously improve what we offer, and it is our promise to you that all of our wireless heart monitors remain at the top of the industry.

Thank you very much for your understanding and patience as we navigate this situation. Please reach out to us if you have any questions at 866-744-3427 or email us at: