Dextronix ECG systems essential to dog health at IDITAROD 2021

App based monitoring Systems

The veterinarians monitoring the health of animals racing in the worlds most famous dog sled event selected our VET-ECG platform to ensure all dogs to be fit and safe. The team around Tabitha Jones had to work day and night to run 12-lead ECG check ups on the 826 dogs participating in the race over a very short time period to ensure the athletes are fit and healthy. While the ECG recordings took place in harsh conditions, the recorded data were shared via our internet server with the analysis team based in Illinois. The combination of very miniaturized, rugged VET-ECG transmitters for mobile use with automated software for live streaming together with the internet server integration was essential for the IDITAROD veterinarians to process the large number of dogs in a very short time period. – “Dextronix is awesome” – quote by team leader Tabitha Jones.